How to Get Free Stuff Sent to You

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First you have to figure out what free stuff you want to get. Then go to the company website, hopefully you know what the address is, and find their contact information. Use the email or physical address to let them know you would like to try their product and you would like either a sample of free coupon sent to you. Yes, this might take a little guts on your part but companies give free samples out all of the time so it’s nothing they haven’t heard before. They want you to try their product because then you might buy it.

Another way to get free stuff is to file a complaint. I’m not saying file a complaint just to get free stuff but rather take a look at the things in your cupboard or try to remember that product you bought at your local store that was either defective or made you not want to buy it again. Write to the company and let them know that you are not happy with their product. Many times they will send you a new product or a sample of something else in their line to tyr.

Swag: The Stuff We All Get

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Swag is the “Stuff We All Get” or maybe just the stuff we all want to get but either way swag can be about getting something for free, winning a prize, finding a hot shopping deal, maybe getting free shipping on your entire order or saving 50% off with a special discount coupon or learning about some secret shopping spot. Maybe, just maybe, you found a hot Coach Outlet discount coupon that was hidden on some website.

After getting your a daily dose of swag, which may include a sweet sale or simply just splurging on something special, you will probably be tired and want to take a nap. After your rest why not spread the joy by recommending swag to others who are biten by the shopping bug too. Everyone could use a little something special in their other than ordinary day.

Make Money with Quixtar

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Quixtar is a marketing division of the Amway corporation. Amway, as you know, is famous as being a multi-level-marketing corporation which allows people to build a business retailing Amway products. There are a lot of different ways that you can make money as a Quixtar agent, either by selling and consuming the products yourself, or by recruiting others to join the Quixtar scheme and do the same.

Many people ask about Quixtar schemes, as in general it is seen as a form of pyramid selling. In fact, a small loophole means that Quixtar is not a true pyramid scheme – as it is possible for people to accelerate their earning past their upline, or the person who recruited them. However, you will always hear about Quixtar scams and the many stories of people who have joined the company, simply to leave with a very bad experience.

So why the bad reputation? The way the Quixtar network marketing businesses are built makes it difficult for the average person to make any money. The foundation of this sort of business is that you have enough family and friends that you can sell items to and that you can convince to also join the business. It’s a scheme that looks legit on paper, with attractive benefits and good earnings possibilities – but to make it work requires some hard selling on people you care about – and quite simply, that turns many people away.

Generate An Income with Hubpages

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One of the most successful ways moms make money online is legitimate and also easy to setup and maintain. HubPages, a group blogging site, makes it quite easy to write content that generates ad revenue. How many hubs you create is up to you. Each hub is like a webpage and each has the potential to make up to five forms of revenue: selling products from Amazon and eBay, making money through an any affiliate program, Google AdSense ads and Kontera ads. Sixty percent of the impressions (page views) that generate revenue go to you and HubPages gets the other forty percent. Affiliate programs are an exception to that rule though.One hundred percent of income generated by clicks from an affiliate link on a hub would belong to you. It takes a while to get good at building good hub pages but the revenue you can generate over time makes it worth it.

Where to Find Free Coupons

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When shopping for groceries you will want to save as much money as possible and using coupons is one of the best ways to do it. But, where to find them. You can find coupons in the Sunday Paper, local circulars for your town, magazines, in the grocery store and even at the doctor or dentist office. You can get extra coupon inserts by asking your local gas station for their leftovers, asking family and friends to save them for you, and you can check your local recycling center for unwanted newspapers. You can also trade for coupons online and even buy coupons on eBay. Before you decided to buy coupons you should try to get as many free coupons as possible because that way you are saving the most money possible.

Black Friday Freebies

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A sure-fire way to save money when you go out shopping this Black Friday is to leave the credit cards at home. Make a list, check it twice, and compare it to Black Friday deal websites so you can figure out what stores will have the best deal you can get with the budget you have set. Yes, do set a budget because then you won’t overspend. Don’t be fooled by the hype and see what other people are buying. Why look for a deal and then use credit cards to pay for it? You won’t be getting much of a deal with the interest you will be paying a year later. Stick to paying with cash, know what you are going to buy, stick to a gameplan and Black Friday will definitely work to your advantage. Many stores will be offering free swag you can get when you buy something so shop at those stores that will offer you a little something extra when gift giving time comes around.

Free Stuff at CVS

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cvs-storeShopping at CVS has its rewards, Extra Care Bucks to be exact. The CVS Extra Care card allows you to take advantage of free CVS coupons, great deals each week, and sometimes special rewards by private email.

Sign up for the CVS ECB card in the store or online at If you already have an Extra Care Bucks card you can go to their website and link your card to your account.

When you visit the CVWS store, find the coupon kiosk and scan your card as soon as you arrive at the store. The machine will check your account and print out special coupons for today’s shopping visit. Use your Extra Care Bucks and manufacturers coupons in the store or online.

Free Passive Income

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Would you work today if you knew it would still pay you years from now? Once you get a blog live, getting a good flow of search engine traffic and monetized with Adsense or affiliate programs you can simply perform some occasional maintenance on it and watch money roll in. If you have a blog this is definitely something you can do. It doesn’t happen this way for everyone who tries to make a go of creating an online income and it does take time to build up that traffic but it can definitely pay off. It happens to people and even mommy bloggers who are willing to take the time to learn how to maximize the earning potential of a blog and follow simple steps.

First, your blog needs to have one specific topic. Second, your blog needs to solve a problem or answer a question search engine users are asking. Third, your blog should let the ads solve the problem or answer the question the visitor has. Do not allow your content to completely solve their problem or you will end up with readers and not visitors. Visitors click ads, readers do not.

ClipArt Ebook

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Have you ever wanted to create a project but didn’t have the right clip art? Maybe you are using Microsoft Word, Publisher, or some other program to make your greeting cards, flyers, or banners. Maybe you are making CD labels and want some clipart to spruce it up a bit. You might be working on a special scrapbooking project and need images for that. You can search online for clip art through your favorite search engine but often it is hard to find free clipart, graphic, or stock art all in one place. The Free Clip Art Source Book has the solution for you. Lots of free clipart, stock photos, and other graphics to use for those times when you are being creative and artsy. And, new clip art is being designed all of the time by the folks over at Wordplay who bring you this great free clipart book.

Text For Freebies

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Did you know that ShopText offers a service that businesses can use to promote themselves by offering consumers free samples and entries into free giveaways? Well they do. Sending a text message to request a freebie is so simple. You just have to input the shortcode, a number that is usually 6 to 7 characters long, and then the keyword that you are given on the site you found it on. Then you will get a response back from the ShopText service telling you whether you will receive the free sample or if they are all gone.

To make things quick you should sign up ahead of time at to get a free account. That way you can register you cell phone number and give them your name and address so they will know where to send the freebie. That way you won’t have to do it by replying to a text and texting all of that information back to ShopText. Of course, you should know how to send a text message before you even consider texting for a freebie but that is a given.